I wanna tell you it's over
that I ain't thinking of him
I wanna really mean it
and I want you to see it
that I'm really trying to leave him behind
and I'm trying not to make you cry
I wanna tell you that
I ain't playing games and I'm dedicated to receive a change
but when I look in the mirror
It's the same old me

..my heart is in two different places
I got you in my life and I wanna do right
but it's hard to let it go
when my love has two different faces
and I can't break ties cause they both look right
someone tell me what's a girl to do
when she's loving two
and she don't wanna lie
but she can't tell the truth

k.o.e.n.i.g.s.kind am 7.7.09 15:01


"man kann nichts für seine Gefühle,

hat Moira einmal gesagt,

aber man kann etwas für sein Verhalten."


(Der Report der Magd)


entlassen. NGO-Abiball. Sonntag nach Hamburg. Donnerstag zurück - Familienaufmarsch. Abiball. 

nächstes Kapitel. endlich.

k.o.e.n.i.g.s.kind am 6.3.11 00:45

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